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Mechanics accommodation

To keep the process simple this booking will provide one (1) twin bed (2 bed) room for the 9th 10th and 11th of August, same nights the entry has a booking for. One fee for all 3 nights. We are charged by the room not the occupancy. If you do not need one of the nights do not tick the box. The fee also includes breakfast on Sunday morning at a remote location. We will try and arrange the hotel bookings but do not promise any refund but will try after the event.
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Tick each night you wish service team accommodation for.
Total Price is 162000 for the rooms (2 persons) for all 3 nights. Breakfast included and prize dinner. Note if not present at prize giving we cannot forward prizes.
Prize Giving dinner for 2 mechanics
Entrant is already paid for, this is for the service crew of 2, who did not booked to stay at the hotels. The fee is 30000 isk total (includes 2 persons). This also covers breakfast on Sunday Morning. Does not include any drinks or other expenses.
This will help us match payments to entrants and allow us to reply to you quickly.
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I have transfered the funds to IBAN: IS24 0511 2600 9681 1509 4923 89 SWIFT (BlC): GLITISRE The payment will cover all bank costs. I am aware that there is no refund if the room is not used but was booked.