Marshals wanted

The Iceland Hill Rally has grown slowly over the last few years but now with 30 entries including teams from the UK and the increase in competitive distance, over 500k, we are in need of more helpers called marshals.

You do not need special training, as the rally runs the timing by satellite tracking. What we really need are folks with good people skills. Our stages use public roads that are legally closed for the rally event by a variety of special permits and finally with Logreglan authorisation and suspension of the traffic laws.

Along the stage there are other tracks that join or leave these go to scenic spots, mountain huts or are a route to another road. We are empowered by law to close these to ensure everyone’s safety and staying legal.  However we believe in the need for additional safety by having a marshals at these intersections, to ensure  nobody breaks the law by entering the stage whilst it is officially closed. We provide documentation that you can show if asked.

It can be a very early start and you do need to take food and drink with you, perhaps even a book.  The scenery is staggeringly beautiful. We provide some refreshments, assistance with fuel costs and in some cases even overnight B&B.  You will need a 4×4 to access the remote areas but a normal car will still help us as you can look after more accessible spots.





Every helper gets a specially engraved  glass made by Ian.

To find out more please complete the simply form, so we can contact you.

Keep an eye on the website and the Iceland Hill Rally Facebook page

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