Our entry fee of 1900 Euro includes

* over 500k of Special stage spread over 4 days
* competitor welcome bag
* accommodation for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights
* surprise coffee stop
* late breakfast on Sunday
* dinner with prizes on Sunday
* everyone gets a take home gift

The entry fee covers the driver and co-driver.  You need to tell us what accommodation you need for service crew, this is an additional cost, we are planning logistics on you having 2 service crew, per entry.

Please note that there is limited camping available but you need to book (NOW) and your service team will not be included in any of the services, event dinner will need to be bought separately.

To be honest we would not recommend camping, it is expensive, and our weather on the South can be – well extremely challenging.  Wild camping is forbidden by law if you  have access to a vehicle!

Our regulations have been dramatically updated from previous years, it is essential that you read them before entering.

So many drivers do not look at the regulations.  Be different and know,  read ours! 

There are rules about, use of the event logo, overtaking, increased safety cover, allowance for support, re-entry, co-drivers and much more.

If you have questions ask them via Facebook Ask on Facebook  so everyone can benefit. 

No question is silly, if you are not sure,  ask.


The following links will be available on Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

Link to the Regulations as a PDF file to download

Link >> 2024 Entry Form             Link 2024 Download and fill in, email back