Thank You – Takk fyrir

Without sponsors, both the big title named companies and the smaller supporters,
events like the Can-Am Iceland Hill Rally would not take place.




The local, to Iceland, distributor for BRP CAN-AM

They supported us in 2023 and will do so again in 2024





Have been the logistics company for many years, they provide EU and UK shipping at reasonable rates






Provide financial support and also allow us to use part of the parking area for morning service area






Are an Icelandic cosmetics and skin care company, working only with natural ingredients.
Ian’s wife Frances, the Competitor Liaison Officer, has used their products for over 10 years.
They present a Gift Bag to every entry.







We buy Icelandic chocolate from them and they also provide us with extra







Will straighten out your steering that helps reduce tyre wear, it also keeps you on the road!
He wanted to enter but circumstances prevented that and he has supported us ever since.







Stephen has been quietly behind the scenes of all of Ian’s hill rallies, providing graphic support and on-event assistance






The largest filling station brand in the country
Don’t say N 1, say N eitt, (like “I ate an apple”)

They provide our competitors and helpers with a discounted price fuel card
Swipe the card before using your payment method.





Tryggvi, our Clerk of the Course, has very close ties with this company